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Serving Raleigh, NC and surrounding areas!
Welcome to our site! Green Alternative is a family owned company located in Raleigh, NC. Our priority is to provide professional cleaning services at an affordable price. While there are countless cleaning services we stand out from the crowd! Since the moment our crew arrives YOU will know, that we know; what WE are doing.

Our staff are always friendly and behave in a professional manner. Their training is extensive; ensuring they take the maximum precautions to prevent your home from any damages. They are highly qualified to clean and protect all surfaces, furniture, and floors.

Spotless clean bedroom
   Our cleaning packages           are detailed and                organized providing       
  consistent results every

***PLEASE*** Do not risk your possessions to inexperienced cleaners who use harsh chemicals! Liquids and cleaning sprays can be very harsh which can damage your home if spilled, or used incorrectly. Our products are completely safe and gentle.

At Green Alternative we don't rely on harsh smelly chemicals to get the grind off. We use good old-fashioned scrubbing and brushing. We don't mind doing the extra effort because we realize the toxins in cleaning products are harmful to inhale and touch.

Cleaning Products
          Our vacuums are            equipped with HEPA filtration,            clearing up to 99%             
    of bacteria and allergens from your carpet and furniture
    to help you breathe easier. 
It turns out it is greener on this side! Give us a call! Satisfaction is guaranteed we are the team you can trust and rely on. Now you relax we'll take care of the rest!

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