Our Services

Cleaning Tasks


-Remove Cobwebs

-Clean Window Sills

-Clean Blind/Ceiling Fan

-Clean Mirrors

-Clean Lamps

-Clean Picture Frames

-Clean Baseboards

-Clean Under Bed 

-Clean TV Screen/Behind TV

-Clean Light Switches

-Clean Shelves

Living Rooms

-Pillows/Blankets Straightened

-Clean Lamps

-Wipe and shine glass table tops

-Detailed Dusting

-Clean Floors

-Clean Blinds/Drape Tops

-Clean Picture Frames

-Dust Ceiling Fans

-Dust Vents (high/low)

-Clean Light Switches


-Clean mirrors

-Disinfect Toilets

(Bottom, behind,& inside)

-Remove Cobwebs/Dusting

-Clean and Renew Shower/Tub

-Clean Toilet Paper Seal

-Clean Sink Fixtures

-Clean Cabinet Bottoms
-Clean Cabinet Fronts

-Clean Sink Drain

-Clean Inside Sink


-Clean Sink Drain

-Wipe all Appliances

-Clean baseboards

-Clean Fixtures

-Clean Microwave 

-Clean Refrigerator Exterior

-Clean Floors

-Apply Stainless Steel

-High Dusting

-Cabinet Fronts

-Clean Back-splashes

-Clean Refrigerator Side Doors

-Clean Oven Exterior


-Check Vacuum Lines

-Check For Crumbs

-Clean Stair Rails

-Check Corners

-Clean Behind Doors

-Clean for spots

-Clean All Carpeted Room Edges

Dining Rooms 

-Clean Chair Rungs 

-Clean Table Legs

-Clean Pictures

-Clean Light Fixtures

-Clean Baseboards

-Clean Under Furniture

-Clean Light Switches


-Rugs Replaced

-Trash Emptied

-Chairs Replaced

-Towels Folded

-Visually Pleasing

-All Lights Off

Deep Tasks

-Clean Window Sills In and Out

-Vacuum Couches

-Wet Wipe Baseboards

-Wet Wipe Blinds

-Wet Wipe Doors

-Clean Screen Porch

Extra Tasks at Additional Charge

-Garage: Time spent is charge

-Clean windows inside: height restriction apply up to 8 feet limit $8 each regular window.

-Clean Fireplace: from $5 & up.

-Clean inside Oven:$35 & up.

-Clean inside Refrigerator:$35 & up.

-Do Laundry: Time spent is charge

-Do Dishes: Time spent is charge

*$50 per hour per person. We have a minimum fee for any visit which is $150 for a 3 person crew. Our teams cover roughly 400-1000 sq per hr depending on home conditions.

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*Weekly home cleaning
*Bi-weekly home cleaning
* Once every four weeks home cleaning
*Move In/Out cleaning
* One-time cleanings
*Deep Spring Cleaning